Dynamorph Instalation by ORPROJECT Architects for ICI International Cultural Institut

ICI – Magazzino del Caffe’ – ICI Venice
Nepalese ethnographic items Exhibition 
10 may 2014 – 23 november 201

During the time of the Architectural Biennale 2014, named Fundamentals, aimed by the idea of questioning about globalization and fading of national characteristics; ICI – Istituto Culturale Internazionale choose to set its exhibition at the origins of relationship between man and its environment. ICI will open an exhibition of ethnographic art from a remote and fascinating part of the world: Himalaya, where those believes are still vibrant from that immaterial heritage, integrating man to nature as would have done druids, ancient Greeks, Indians from north America …

ICI Venice Venise Magazzino del Caffè Venezia SHAMANISM SCIAMANISMO CHAMANISME Francois Pannier Renzo Freschi Olivier Perpoint Orproject Architects BiennaleThe exhibition NEPALESE SHAMANIC ART calls indirectly for globalization, leading us to promote identity, ecology, sustainable development.

From the top of the world, the landscape layout maintains the isolation and the splitting up of communities. Preserving lots of traditions. They can appear through various mediums: gestures, ritual items, medical plants use. The 100 pieces (phurbus eg wooden daggers, drums, effigies, baldrics), originated from private collections, completed by rare movies and photographies from Renzo Freschi, present a panorama of the material fruition from that immaterial heritage.

Dynamorphe-1The exhibition is nestled in the installation DYNAMORPH by ORPROJECT architects based in London, Delhi and Beijing.

The exhibition DYNAMORPH design for the International Cultural Institute’s exhibition Shamanism in Venice has beendeveloped as an energy field around the exhibits. These exhibits act as centers of gravitational forces that pull the volume of the room to form Dynamorph. Positioned between the exhibits and the room, Dynamorph is an isosurface which encloses the visitors and forms a mystical cave to house the exhibits and the movements of the visitor. The surface is a materialization of the ethereal interactions between the visitors and the exhibits, the branching and flowing geometry of the surface evokes the roots, trunk and branches that symbolize the the three worlds of Shamanism.

 The visitors enter the force-field of the exhibits and are guided in their journey by the physical installation. Made up of over three thousand individual segments, the tessellated geometry resembles mass and movements – similar to the trajectory of planetary mass under the influence of stars or black holes, formation of cumulonimbus clouds guided by pressure and temperature variations and winds or the interaction between electromagnetic fields and subatomic particles. In Dynamorph, the exhibits are the energy points of the exhibition, the visitors move under their influence, and the surface is a physical manifestation of both. 


ORPROJECT is a London based architecture and design practice set up in 2006 by Francesco Brenta, Christoph Klemmt and Rajat Sodhi.

Its work explores advanced geometries with an ecologic agenda, the integration of natural elements into the design results in an eco-narrative unfolding into the three dimensional space. The projects range from experimental small-scale installations to large real estate developments. ORPROJECT produces high-end luxury design, covering all aspects of a project from design and planning to practical completion. Its work has been published and exhibited widely, amongst others for the London Architecture Festival, the Furniture Fair in Milan and at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.                  

Dynamorphe-2 Dynamorphe-3 Dynamorphe-4 Dynamorphe-5 Dynamorphe-6 Dynamorphe-7 Dynamorphe-8 Dynamorphe-9 Dynamorphe-10 Dynamorphe-11 Dynamorphe-12 Dynamorphe-13 Dynamorphe-14 Dynamorphe-15 Dynamorphe-16

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