E-news letter August-september 4/6


11:30 : Charity Brunch in collaboration with MICROCLIMA

Location : Serra dei Giardini – Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1254 – Castello, 30122 Venezia

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Serra dei Giardini, situated near Biennale Gardens, is best known as Serra Margherita. It has been built in 1894 with the purpose of realize a « tepidarium in vetro e ferri » (an iron and glass made greenhouse), which could hosted different types of plants for the International Exhibition. Internazionale. The Serra dei Giardini is now created a location of cultural meeting which can involve the local and the international community.


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Microclima is an ongoing curatorial project started at the beginning of 2011 within the Greenhouse of the Biennale Gardens that are located in the Castello district of Venice. The Greenhouse was built in 1894 to preserve during the winter, the exotic plants used for decorating the International Exhibitions of Art. Albeit subject to a set of conditions that are synonymous to a limited space, Microclima, in collaboration with artists and researchers offers a wide-ranging artistic program, extending from themes that deal with the tensions between man and nature to the significance of common sites in the urban spaces.

The work is not restricted to only visual art, but includes all forms of art practice and research, where the subsequent diversities hope to trigger a dialogue and/or exchange of ideas and processes between the practitioners and the local community; all of whom represent integral elements of the fundamental ideas and approaches of Microclima.

Partecipation : 40 euros

 Infos and reservation : +39 041 720507 (11:00-13:00/14:30-18:00) – info@icivenice.com

AFTERNOON : VENICE TOUR with the Cultural Association IL CAICIO.

The association IL CAICIO, founded in 2005, aims to organize cultural activities floating on the venetian water.

Its main purpose is to promote the restoration and the conservation of traditional boats, studying and researching on marine traditions, expecially the ones linked with Venice.




17:00 – Concert « Nei paesi dove si fa la guerra »Isabelle Druet Mezzo soprano, Quatour Giardini, part of the cycle romanticism between war and peace (1789 – 1918).

Organized by Palazzetto Bru Zane, center of French Romantic music.

 Location : Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Calle de la Laca, 2454, 30125 – Venezia

Nei paesi dove si fa la guerra is a Palazzetto Bru Zane production and gives the possibility to the uditors to embody the First World War soldiers’ souls. All the compositors presented (Offenbach, Fauré, Donizzetti, Debussy…) have lived the conflicts from the 1870 to the 1914, developing an intense artistic fervor.

Schermata 2014-08-11 alle 15.39.49This program has received the nomination of «Centenario» in the First World War commemoration days.

 Price : 20 euro (16 euro in a group of more than 10 people)


 Infos and reservations : +39 041 720507 (11:00-13:00/14:30-18:00) – info@icivenice.com

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