In the pipes :

– Signatures and screenings of movies or books about shamanism

– Conferences about shamanism

ICI Venice Venezia Venise Magazzino del Caffè Olivier Perpoint SHAMANISM Sciamanismo chamanisme ORPROJECT FRANCOIS PANNIER MARTIAL MARQUET CHI PHAN

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SHAMANISM – Nepalese ethnographic items Exhibition

10 May – 23 November 2014

FREE ADMISSION – 10:30 am – 06:30 pm from Thursday to Monday

ICI – Magazzino del Caffè – ICI Venice

Campo San Simeon Grando – Rio Marin – Santa Croce 923 – Venice

ICI location venice - copie


info@icivenice.com – tel. +39 041720507


Looking forward to welcome you soon in Venice, with our friendly greetings

Olivier Perpoint, Chi Phan and the team of ICI


François Pannier would like to thank all lenders: Renzo Freschi, Patrick Grimaud, Richard Lair, Alain Rouveure and those who decided to keep anonymous.

ICI would like to thank l’Alliance Française, l’IED, Palazzetto Pissani, Ca ‘Nigra hotel, Spirito Nuovo, 3AD, Le Colture, all volonteers that set up the installation from Orproject, Brugnera, Voglia d’Arte, Fondation Malongo, Il Caicio associaton, ferramenta al Megio di Raffaele Benini, Etni gallery, Ai Bari, Anne Segarra, France Duchamp, Voyageurs du Monde.

Learn more on icivenice.com


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