E-news letter July 2014 7/8

Interview of François Pannier, the curator of the exhibition Shamanism

ICI: how did you meet ICI

F. P.: My encounter with ICI? Little flashbackback. During the exhibition on masks of the Himalayas at the foundation De Wattevilles in Martigny, Olivier (Perpoint) and Anna (segarra) made ​​the trip. The documentary movie « Bhutan a small world pocessed by the sky » by Ludovic Segarra was offered to be put on sale for the visitors. Naturally at the occasion of the exhibition of masks from the Himalayas at Durand-Dessert, curated by myself, I reconnected with Olivier (Perpoint) to show the movie on a screen in the entrance and DVDs to be on sale. After few meetings with Olivier, he shared with me his plans in Venice that raised my interrest and hence i agreed to be part of it.

ICI: why Shamanism?

F.P.: My choice went to Shamanism as a test in a room that I barely knew. It seemed more abvious to me. On top the size of the exhibited objects would make simplier the transport, the insurance comparing to mask etc … In people minds Shamanism is more meaning full than of musical instruments such as Santal. For the launch of a newly created place, unknown to the public, it looked wiser to me.

ICI: your relationship with Dynamorph?

F.P.: when Olivier (Perpoint) introduced the project to me i found it interesting without fully understanding the process. But Olivier (Perpoint) has an extensive experience in event organization and a good taste as well. So it was a « no problem ». I would not say that the implementation of Dynamorph was done in good condition, of course not. Everyone agreed on that I think. I have not seen the installation completed. But according to the photos i saw, I must must admit that the result seems quite amazing in respect of the original idea of combining ethnographic art and architectural project.

ICI: Art is ethnographic and contemporary art can go together?

F.P.: Of course contemporary and tribal art are quite good household. One has only to look at the countless renowned artists who have combined both such as Arman, Tapies … And great collectors such as Jean-Paul Barbier-Mueller demonstrate, if necessary, the possible harmony that co habitation of these two art forms.

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